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Re: KillTime & E-mail notification problems

Christopher Luk wrote:
> Q1:    The default KillTime used by whfc 0.8x is 2 hours, how can I
> change it to become 2 days? Coz I may have 100-200 multi-destination fax
> messages to broadcast.
> Q2:    It was noted that when the "Send e-mail on Failure" was clicked,
> no matter the fax is failure or not, e-mail notification was received.
> Can I reduce the e-mail notification one level? ie less e-mail received?


in the actual release you can't change the killtime. I will put 
a registry entry in the next release as a first workaround,
so that the killtime can be changed.

Try one of the other e-mail notification levels.


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