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Re: samba en flexfax

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Thierry Coopman wrote:

> Is it possible to use HylaFAX as faxserver over the smb protocol??
> There is some doc comming with samba wich explains it with the mgetty+sendfax package, and I was wondering if I could use that with HylaFAX too.

The main problem with using HylaFAX with samba is the extraction of
the destination phone number. It's easy enough to set up a filter at
your spooler so that faxed-documents are sent to HylaFAX; but then how
does HylaFAX determine the phone number to use?

One possible solution that has been discussed here is to use a std
template for *ALL* your faxes, and have a particular tag which a
preliminary filter can extract the phone number from, and supply it to
HylaFAX. That's the best you can do so far without writing a client
from scratch..
Jonathan Chen <jonc@pinnacle.co.nz>
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