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Re: samba en flexfax

| One possible solution that has been discussed here is to use a std
| template for *ALL* your faxes, and have a particular tag which a
| preliminary filter can extract the phone number from, and supply it to
| HylaFAX. That's the best you can do so far without writing a client
| from scratch..

Why don't you use the reverse popup approach that someone has developed
with mgetty and Samba? Basically, there's a Windows program that listens
on a port on each PC, and is started at bootup time. It normally does
nothing. Whenever the user sends out a fax by printing to the Samba fax
printer, the software at the Unix end receives this from Samba, and
picks up the IP address of the PC from the data that Samba passes it.
Using this IP address, the software connects to the port on which the
Windows popup program is listening. The program pops up a window to the
user, asks for a destination fax number, and sends it across to the Unix
print software, that then queues it with mgetty.

The Unix end software is a Perl program which can be easily modified to
work with Hylafax instead of Mgetty. If you don't know about this
approach, then let me know, and I'll pass on the URL of the Webpage that
describes it. It is some German site, if I'm not mistaken, and it has
been discussed in this list more than once.


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