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Re: FaxQueuer[faxq PID]: JOB xx: bad exit status 0x6 from sub-fork

Hi Glenn,
ok, first double check /etc/inittab HP-UX use a 3 device scheme and its
easy  to have one getty on the tty device and another on the cul device,
faxgetty should always be on the cul device on its own.

Next check the privileges on /var/spool/locks the faxd daemon which sends
the fax runs as user uucp group sys.  If this cannot create a lock file in
the /var/spool/locks directory, you will end up with an error like the one
you described below.
ie on my machine:
# ls -ld /var/spool/locks
drwxrwxr-x   2 root       sys           1024 Apr 16 22:48 /var/spool/locks

If you still have problems set the ServerTracing and SessionTracing
parameters to higher values and try again, with luck the problem will be
obvious in the logs.

- Robert
At 08:01 16/04/98 -0500, Glenn Jenkins wrote:
>I'm trying to install HylaFAX Ver 4.0p12 under HP/UX 10.20 with a USR
>V.Everything modem on firmware ver 6.6.0.
>Everything appears to install correctly, faxq and hfaxd start OK. Then
>when I issue the sendfax command I get the following error in syslog and
>the job moves to the doneq.
>FaxQueuer[faxq PID]: JOB xx: bad exit status 0x6 from sub-fork
>Glenn Jenkins

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