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The mgetty+Samba printer Web page

Please check out the URL listed below. It has a program that works as a
Samba printer spooler, accepts a document, and causes a window to pop up
on the Windows client. The actual program that does the popping up is
also available on this Website.

The Unix-side Perl script needs to be modified to work with Hylafax's
sendfax instead of the mgetty sendfax. Shouldn't be difficult. I'd done
it once but never got around to testing it. It lacks one feature of
WHFC: it doesn't strip the junk bytes before %!PS. So, if you're using
Windows PS drivers like the HP LJ5M + PS, that WHFC recommends, then
you'll have to modify the Perl script to remove the first few lines of
PCL commands that come in.


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>From geta@sdnhq.undp.org  Tue Feb 16 17:31:58 1999
>Date:    Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:35:29 -0400
>From:    Geetanjali Sampemane <geta@sdnhq.undp.org>
>Subject: mgetty windows client

The program is respond, and the website is http://www.boerde.de/~horstf/

It's a german-english website.  It has a fairly nice readme, but you
have to setup samba on the linux machine.


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