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Re: WHFC 0.8.7

Hi again,

On 20 Apr 1998, Eloy A. Paris wrote:
> I think the recommended driver is the Apple LaserWriter...

yes, the "Apple Laser Writer 16/1600" is recommended. But
I don't have this driver... The FAQ also recommends the
HP 4/4M PS driver which doesn't work at all, probably
because of the prefixed printer command (something like 
"PCL command set language=Postscript").

> Uhhmmm, I think you need to post more information about the server
> side. Take a look at the server logs.

Ok, I should have done that earlier:

Apr 21 09:18:24 aw FaxSend[23981]: Client does not support document page 
width, max remote page width 1728 pixels, image width 5100 pixels

Why that?

This doesn't depend on the document type I try to send, ie. it
doesn't make a difference if I print something from M$ word or
from any other program. Is this a printer driver issue again or 
a problem of Hylafax or is there something wrong in my setup?

Adreas Busse

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