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Re: WHFC 0.8.7

| Andreas Busse <ab@ivm.net> wrote:
| : meanwhile I found that this was a printer driver problem. The
| : windows driver for the HP prefixes a non-postscript line to 
| : the document which probably confuses hylafax. 
| : Now I'm using the QMS PS420 driver which generates pure
| : postscript. However, it's still not working, but with
| : different errors:
| I think the recommended driver is the Apple LaserWriter...

I think Uli, the author of WHFC, recommends the HP LJ 4/4M with PS.
However, I too have faced problems with that driver because of the
non-PS first few lines that I usually get. This has also affected the
Perl-script that runs as a Samba printer driver and receives PS output
from the Windows machine to queue on Hylafax.


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