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Modem wedged help?

I have one of our Multitech MT2834ZPX modems configured for adaptive answer
support, having just set this support up last Thursday.  On Saturday, 
after dialing in unsucessfully (see log below--note exit
status of mgetty) the modem was reported
as wedged.  I turned off and turned on the power to the modem this
morning and all is well again.  My questions are:

1. (vague, I know) Why would the modem wedge?  

2. Is there anything else I could have done to restore service besides
power cycling the modem?

3. I'm using mgetty to handle incoming data calls (v 1.0.0)--although
it worked fine for the first two days, could mgetty be part of the problem?

OS:  RH Linux, release 4.1 (vanderbilt), kernel 2.0.27 on an i486

Modem Firmware version (from ATI1 command):  0022

Apologies if this has been dealt with before, but I've been unable to 
access the Hylafax web page since Friday--what's up with that?


Kevin Tyle <kevin@meso.com>
MESO, Inc.

Apr 18 13:22:35.09: [31863]: SESSION BEGIN 00000083 15182833983
Apr 18 13:22:35.09: [31863]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
Apr 18 13:23:09.77: [31863]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Apr 18 13:23:09.77: [31863]: ANSWER: DATA CONNECTION
Apr 18 13:23:09.77: [31863]: GETTY: START "/sbin/getty -r -b -s 19200 ttyQ1a5", 
pid 18289
Apr 18 13:23:33.58: [31863]: GETTY: exit status 05000
Apr 18 13:23:33.58: [31863]: SESSION END

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