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Re: Netcom 144 & timing problem ?

Nico Garcia wrote:
    On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Bruce Cook wrote:
    > I have hylafax-v4.0pl2 built on a RedHat-5
    > linux system, using std compiler and libraries
    > (gcc- & glibc-2.0.5?)
    > When I attempt to send a fax, I get an error
    > "modem problem".
    Did you use the Linux patches? Such as the ones available at
    http://cirl.meei.harvard.edu/hylafax/patches? And did you successfully
    run faxaddmodem, and install a faxgetty entry in /etc/inittab?
    What does faxstat say?
    > What interests me in the following log file is that
    > hylafax seems to give up just before the modem acheives
    > a connect.
    > Is this some kind of timing problem (16550A maybe - I've
    > tried turning the FIFO off - don't know if I succeeded)
    > Am I looking in the wrong place ?
    Looks like the wrong place to me: look at this:
    > Apr 19 16:02:26.91: [11891]: <-- [13:ATDT94304494\r]
    > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: --> [12:ATDT94304494]
    > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: SEND FAILED: Unknown problem (check modem power)
    > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: <-- [5:ATH0\r]
    > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: --> [7:CONNECT]
    > Apr 19 16:02:39.52: [11891]: --> [2:OK]
    > Apr 19 16:02:39.52: [11891]: SESSION END
    I take it you have to dial 9 as a prefix: this should be done inside
    your dialrules.ext file, not as a hand-added number, or it will screw
    up logging of the fax's real phone number. Moreover, it should 
    add "9,", not just "9", to make sure that it dials 9 and waits for
    a dial tone.
    Your local fax number should *NOT* have the 9 in front in the config

The "9" is unrelated to the problem. The main problem is:
why is the modem's echo still turned on? The log in the
original mail showed that the first command sent down to the
modem caused a "Timeout" and echo remained on:

    Apr 19 16:02:18.61: [11891]: DELAY 2600 ms
    Apr 19 16:02:21.22: [11891]: <-- [15:ATE0V1Q0S0=0H0\r]
    Apr 19 16:02:26.22: [11891]: MODEM <Timeout>
    Apr 19 16:02:26.22: [11891]: <-- [5:ATM0\r]
    Apr 19 16:02:26.48: [11891]: --> [4:ATM0]

With echo turned on faxsend(1M) can't understand what is
going on; it's awaiting something like CONNECT or BUSY
but no echo of the dial command it has issued.


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