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Re: Netcom 144 & timing problem ?

> > Apr 19 16:02:26.91: [11891]: <-- [13:ATDT94304494\r]
> > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: --> [12:ATDT94304494]
> > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: SEND FAILED: Unknown problem (check modem power)

12 seconds isn't really very long to, detect dial tone, dial the number,
wait for a few rings, recognize fax calling tone, generate answer tone,
detect calling carrier, and generate answering carrier, even if it is
a dedicated fax line.

If you don't have a timeout like this, you may have some sort of modem
control problem.

> add "9,", not just "9", to make sure that it dials 9 and waits for
> a dial tone.

It will have a rather long wait on any PABX manufactured in the last 
decade or so, as nearly all of them do not generate a secondary dial
tone, and do not require a delay.

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