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Re: Netcom 144 & timing problem ?

David Woolley wrote:
    > > Apr 19 16:02:26.91: [11891]: <-- [13:ATDT94304494\r]
    > > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: --> [12:ATDT94304494]
    > > Apr 19 16:02:39.26: [11891]: SEND FAILED: Unknown problem (check modem power)
    12 seconds isn't really very long to, detect dial tone, dial the number,
    wait for a few rings, recognize fax calling tone, generate answer tone,
    detect calling carrier, and generate answering carrier, even if it is
    a dedicated fax line.
    If you don't have a timeout like this, you may have some sort of modem
    control problem.

Note the 12 seconds are not the wait for carrier time from S7.
faxsend(1M)'s driver part is reading the modem echo "ATDT94304494"
(which it should not see as I already said in another reply)
and waits some seconds for more characters before complaining
about an "Unknown problem". The echo *must* be off.


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