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How does Hylafax know what modems are active?

I am confused.

At one point last week, I did a faxaddmodem to configure and add a new
modem on cua/7, the eighth in a series of modems.  Unfortunately, the
modem seems to have a hardware problem so I was trying to disable it. 

I tried faxstate -s down cua/7...and, in syslog, a message went by showing
the the modem state was set to "down".  HylaFax, however, gleefully
continued to send faxes using that modem and, since the modem appeared
"wedged", continued to cancel jobs. 

Out of curiousity, (before the panic set in) I tried downing another
modem, cua/1...and HylaFax, even though it appeared that faxgetty marked
the modem state properly, faxes continued to be sent out using it.

OK, I figured, let me see if I can remove the modem completely.  I stopped
the fax servers, killed all the gettys, and then I removed the
config.cua_7 file and the FIFO.cua_7, and restarted the servers and the
gettys (minues the one running on cua/7).  However...I continued to get
error messages, because HylaFax was still using cua/7!  Now I started to
get worried...jobs were being cancelled right and left because one bad
modem seems to be able to process jobs much faster than the good ones ;) 
The lovely side-effect was that faxstat no longer showed cua/7 in the list
of modems, so it took me a few tries to figure out what was happening.  Of
course, HylaFax seemed to prefer cua/7 for sending....  Ack! 

Finally, after stopping and restarting the whole shebang a few times with
various cofniguration modifications, I gave up and did a tip to cua/7 to
jam the device open.  Crude, but effective, as they say.  I am running
4.0pl1 on Solaris 2.5.1, which I built myself.  Questions: 

-  Has anyone else had problems/been able to use faxstate to successfully
   bring a modem down?
-  Is there a faxrmmodem to complement faxaddmodem, failing that?

Comments, suggestions, queries, appreciated.


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