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Hylafax coexisting with ttymon on Solaris-2.6

Hylafax (v4.0pl2) doesn't seem to get along with the other services on
the modem line on a Sparc-20 running Solaris-2.6.  The same modem (USR
Courier V-Everything) handles dialout PPP service, dialup uucp calls,
and (I hope) Hylafax for outgoing faxes.  The three services coexisted
without complaint on our previous Sunos-4.1.3 setup.

The PPP and uucp get along fine.  Hylafax will send faxes.  But once
it has sent a fax, the other services break.  Hylafax seems to leave
the port in a confused state that can only be fixed with a reboot.

The Hylafax documentation (setup.php) has a dire warning:

  Be certain you are not running a ttymon with sac when using
  HylaFAX. Disable all ports that are to be used by HylaFAX 
  with admintool or pmadm.

If I disable the ttymon on the port, it will no longer do dialout PPP
or dialup uucp.  Is there a fix for this situation, or am I out of
luck on Solaris-2.6?

Thanks in advance for suggestions or fixes by direct email.


Ronald Florence                 Maple Lawn Farm, Stonington, CT
ron@mlfarm.com                  http://www.connix.com/~mlfarm

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