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Re: Hylafax coexisting with ttymon on Solaris-2.6

In message <13631.59047.414814.199266@rosie.mlfarm.com>, Ronald Florence writes
> Hylafax (v4.0pl2) doesn't seem to get along with the other services on
> the modem line on a Sparc-20 running Solaris-2.6.  The same modem (USR
> Courier V-Everything) handles dialout PPP service, dialup uucp calls,
> and (I hope) Hylafax for outgoing faxes.  The three services coexisted
> without complaint on our previous Sunos-4.1.3 setup.
> The PPP and uucp get along fine.  Hylafax will send faxes.  But once
> it has sent a fax, the other services break.  Hylafax seems to leave
> the port in a confused state that can only be fixed with a reboot.
> The Hylafax documentation (setup.php) has a dire warning:
>   Be certain you are not running a ttymon with sac when using
>   HylaFAX. Disable all ports that are to be used by HylaFAX 
>   with admintool or pmadm.
> If I disable the ttymon on the port, it will no longer do dialout PPP
> or dialup uucp.  Is there a fix for this situation, or am I out of
> luck on Solaris-2.6?
> Thanks in advance for suggestions or fixes by direct email.
> -- 
> Ronald Florence                 Maple Lawn Farm, Stonington, CT
> ron@mlfarm.com                  http://www.connix.com/~mlfarm

If you disable ttymon with admintool, or pmadm, that should only effect
dial *in* service.  (no getty is running, basically)  While I haven't
used used sun's PPP in a while, I was using the dpPPP package sometime
ago without too much trouble both for dial in and dial out under
Solaris 2.5. (see below)

For dialin, I really recommend using HylaFAX to launch ttymon.  That's
what the dire warning is about.

However, unless this changed in pl2, or perhap Solaris 2.6, there is a
problem with the way HylaFAX does the UUCP locking under Solaris.
Sometimes, HylaFAX while not see the fact that another process has
grabbed the modem for dialout.  You can check this by running faxstat
while doing a dialout PPP or UUCP operation.  If it doesn't report
something like "waiting for modem to become free", you may have a

Tom Szybist

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