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Re: hylafax and whfc

thomas wrote:
> Absender:        09312877719-0003@t-online.de (thomas)
> first i might excuse for my bad english (i work on it)
> hi
> i use hylafax v.4.0pl0 on linux kernel 2.0.32 with a multi tech modem mt1432bg.
> until here is o.k.
> now i have to me whfc 0.8.5 alpha installs and can of the w95-pc documents on
> the linux-pc sends.
> however my modem recognizes not, that something to the mailing stands in line
> (hfaxd is loads)
> with sendfax i could mail manually the document.
> maybe i could further-help somebody.
> thanks
> thomas
> th.scheder@t-online.de


i don't understand your problem. You can contact me in german
language direct.

Ulrich Eckhardt       http://people.frankfurt.netsurf.de/uli
Signalgroßtat des wu-ftpd 2,4 (unvollständig?)
Cgi-Sicherheitsbohrung in EWS (regen Sie für Webservers auf)
[Translation from an english text to german by AltaVista]

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