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Re: e-mail to fax: controlling access

Hi again Nico,

Nico Garcia <raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu> wrote:

: What? (Scratch head?) No. The "mailer" is either the Mail User Agent,
: such as pine or Netscape, that handles your personal mail, or the Mail
: Transport Agent, that actually bounces mail around between various
: people. In you case, the MTA is sendmail with procmail added.

Well, I guess we are talking about different things. The mailer I'm
talking about is not the MUA, is the Mail Delivery Agent.

Sendmail can have different mailers (MDA's) defined in the sendmail.cf
configuration file. Some examples are the "local" mailer, the "uucp"
mailer, etc. The "local" mailer can be the program called "deliver" or
it can be "procmail".

The way I configured my e-mail to fax gateway, I created a new mailer
in sendmail called "fax". This mailer is setup to call "faxmail" with
the appropiate parameters when a messages is sent to

: Set up procmail for the *fax* user, and have procmail handle shipping off the
: fax jobs, I think.

OK, I think this is a different approach. In order for this to work
users must send mails to something like fax@my.domain. In this case,
sendmail will user the "local" mailer which could be procmail (if it
isn't, a .forward file could pass the message to procmail for

: Bingo. Have procmail call faxmail.

Actually, it would be the other way: a script that calls both procmail
and later faxmail (this is because sendmail won't ever call procmail,
unless I change the "fax" mailer deifinition).




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