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Re: e-mail to fax: controlling access

> unless I find a way of controlling access to it, the whole Internet
> will be able to use my gateway just by sending mail to
> xxx@fax.my.domain.com.
> I am not using Dirk's faxmailer (I think I can use it to do what I
> want), just plain faxmail called as a sendmail mailer (as explained in
> the docs.).

If you are using the standard sendmail faxmailer, the domain name will
not be a sub-domain of yours, but a fake top level one.  In that case,
assuming that you are SMTP, not UUCP connected, the anti-spam measures
that you should already have take will mean that you will be immune.

This is one reccommended anti-relay configuration, although customised
slightly for my environment:


# anything terminating locally is ok
R<$+ @ $=w >		$@ OK
#R<$+ @ $=R >		$@ OK

# anything originating locally is ok
R$*			$: $(dequote "" $&{client_name} $)
R$=w			$@ OK
#R$=R			$@ OK
R$@			$@ OK

# anything else is bogus
R$*			$#error $: 550 $@ "Relaying Denied - See Computer Misuse Act"

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