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Re: PPP and HylaFAX

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Thierry Coopman wrote:

> I maybe stupid (yep I  asked this one already here :), but how can I configure my server as a dial in host for PPP?
> I need to set up a modem wich is able to send out faxes when available and can receive only incomming data (PPP) calls.
> Now I configured pppd as the getty, I specified the necessary arguments for pppd in the GettyArgs value, but I can't make it work :(((
> What options can I give in the modembased config file to let the faxgetty start pppd (or the getty) by default for any inbound job?

In combination with mgetty it works fine.

You have to compile hylafax to use mgetty or get a precompiled version
maybe from


Then follow these instructions:


choeger, 4.6.97

First of all after the installation, you have to run `faxsetup` as
root to configure your system/modem.

During the execution of `faxsetup` you have to answer the question:

	Should an entry be added to /etc/inetd.conf [no]?

with no because we start HylaFAX(tm) standalone via init-script.
You can ignore the warnings that /usr/sbin/mgetty or /usr/sbin/vgetty
does not exist during the execution of faxsetup. You only need them
if you want to use the `Adaptive Answer Support` - feature of HylaFAX.
If you want to use this, the following will work:

If your device name is 'modem', add the following entry to /etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config:

 port modem
 direct y
 toggle-dtr n

Change the GettyArgs in your /var/spool/fax/etc/config.modem as follows:

GettyArgs:              "-r -b -s %s %l"

For further details look at the documentation installed at

The required entry in the inittab to start the faxgetty-process
has already made. You only have to uncommend it.


Of cause you have to configure your ppp-server, too (mgetty: login.config
and /etc/ppp/options.ttyXX, etc.)

	Carsten Hoeger
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