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faxq/sendfax not sending


I have installed HylaFax 4.0pl2 on a Digital Unix 4.0C system.
I used to run successfully 3.0 on a different DEC system elsewhere.
Now I compiled the new version (after some configuration work) and
it seems to work at first glance:
  - hfaxd is running, answers correctly to faxstat
  - faxq is running properly
  - faxgetty starts and initializes the modem 
All this can be followed in syslog.

When I submit a fax with 
       sendfax -d "Lars Schmitt"@12570 file.ps
it is queued properly, the files (document+cover) are transferred
and faxq and hfaxd acknowledge this in syslog. However there is no
attempt whatsoever to send the fax. Also faxalter doesn't trigger
submission. Nothing is sent out.

Querying with "faxstat -s" simply gives:

HylaFAX scheduler on axp01: Running
Modem tty00 (+4989xxxxxxx): Running and idle

JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
2      1 W lschmi 12570         0:0   0:12         

How can I find out where the submission is hanging/waiting? What  
can be the problem?

Thank you for your help.


Dr. Lars Schmitt       
TU Muenchen, Physik-Department, E18
James-Franck-Str., 85747 Garching
Phone: +49-89-289-12575
Fax  : +49-89-289-12570

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