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RE: Modem error 51

Look closer, I executed that whole line in
cu -l tty02 and the modem responded "OK"

The error number is 51 not 5 which if I am correct is some kind of
network error.  My modem is set up via a network based terminal server.
After I discovered this I went back into the documentation and
discovered a flag in the config.site "CONFIG_NOREOPEN" it was set to
"yes" so I set it to "no" cleaned up the objects and recompile.



Thanks Marcelo

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> From: 	Jonathan Chen[SMTP:jonc@pinnacle.co.nz]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, April 29, 1998 5:52 PM
> To: 	Marcelo Barth
> Cc: 	Hylafax Mailing list
> Subject: 	Re: flexfax: Modem error 5
> On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Marcelo Barth wrote:
> [snip]
> > Apr 29 09:38:03 databeast FaxSend[15161]: <--
> > [21:ATS8=2S7=60&E4&D3&C1\r]
> > Apr 29 09:38:03 databeast FaxSend[15161]: MODEM READ ERROR: errno 5
> You need to find out just which of the above AT commands is causing
> your modem failure and then tweak the config file to correct it.
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