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Re: what's wrong ??

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 09:20:32 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>> TIFF is tiff-v3.4beta035
>> I have installed TIFF before installing HylaFAX
>> Please help to tell me what I should.
>> Many thanks
>I suspect that you are getting the TIFF from the Openwindows, rather than
>the TIFF you just installed. Check for a LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your
>shell environment, or set the TIFFLIB and TIFFINC in your config.local.
Many many thanks for your reply
But you just said the mean problem
I use tcsh version tcsh 6.07.02 (Astron) 1996-10-27
(sparc-sun-solaris) options 8b,nls,dl,h
I have checked document about checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH
But I just don't know where to find it .
Can you please tell me where to find it and how to correct it ?
And you mean set the TIFFLIB and TIFFINC in your config.local.
How to do ?


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