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Re: questions on modemclass, where and how

Hi Josh :

   It's me again !!

   I also configured  modem class in my system. I partitioned my modems
for different groups of users for sending FAX. Here is what you can do :

   Suppose you have modems cua_a , cua_b , cua_c , cua_d and cua_e. Now
you want to partition the modems into 2 groups. You can add the following
2 lines into the file 'config' (which should be in the same directory of
config.cua_b) :

   ModemClass:		"GroupA:cua_[abc]"
   ModemClass:		"GroupB:cua_[de]"

Now if you want to send fax using any modem in 'GroupA', you can issue the
following command :
   sendfax -h 'GroupA@FaxServer' -d...........

Sorry I don't have any experience on WHFC. For inbound is simple, you
may just hide you outbound FAX numbers from the users.

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Josh Duncan wrote:

> Hi all...
> I have read the faq a bit on this, and think i understand it, but need
> some details.
> suppose I had two modems on my server, i wanted one to be totally
> dedicated to outbound, the other totally dedicated to inbound.  I know i
> can make classes and put one modem in each class, say "inbound" and
> "outbound" for the classes.
> what file do I specify this in?  config.cua_b?(where config.cua_b is the
> modem config file for one of the modems)
> also, will the users need to specify anything different when they
> fax(using whfc from win95/nt peecee's)  if so, could this be avoided by
> specifying only one modem in the "any" group, and specifying the
> other(inbound) modem in the "inbound" group?  Also, would I need to
> specify anythingspecial for it to accept inbound faxes on that modem, or
> will it do it automatically regardless of the modemclass of the
> inbound modem?
> i hope i haven't confused any of yo uwth my questions, thanks in advance
> for any help you can give me(my apologies if theseare covered in the faq,
> i didn't see enough info to answer my concerns)
> Josh
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