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Re: Question about HylaFax and using modem pools..


On 07/28/1998 08:25 -0500, David N. Lewis (dlewis@appp.ci.in.ameritech.com) wrote:
> 	We've been using a 3Com Total Control chassis for about 4 months
> now, and it was supposed to be an 'upgrade' from our previous fax modem

> 	You might consider a MultiTech chassis.  I don't know the exact
> part numbers, but I know they sell a chassis.  I've had very positive

this is interesting. I'd like to throw in the question about using a
PM3 for that purpose, too... The documentation says it may be possible,
but I never tried (yet).

> On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Satish Joshi wrote:
> > I was wondering whether anyone has successfully  used HylaFax with modem
> > pools like 3COM Total Control and/or Ascend Max product line.



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