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**ANNOUNCE** HylaFAX-4.0pl2 RPM


I am pleased to say that I have finally uploaded the RedHat 5.x RPM for the 
4.0pl2 release of HylaFAX(tm) to RedHat's incoming directory. I would expect 
it to make its way to the contrib/ directory tree in due course. In the 
meantime it may be found at:


Some info:

Name        : hylafax                     Distribution: (none)
Version     : 4.0pl2                            Vendor: (none)
Release     : 1rh5                          Build Date: Mon Sep  7 12:47:47 
Install date: Mon Sep  7 12:56:04 1998   Build Host: hewes.icl.ox.ac.uk
Group       : Applications/Communications   Source RPM: 
Size        : 9734087
Packager    : Darren Nickerson <darren@info.tpc.int>
URL         : http://www.vix.com/hylafax/
Summary     : HylaFAX(tm) is a sophisticated enterprise strength fax package
Description :
HylaFAX(tm) is a sophisticated enterprise-strength fax package for
class 1 and 2 fax modems on unix systems. It provides spooling
services and numerous supporting fax management tools.
The fax clients may reside on machines different from the server
and client implementations exist for a number of platforms including

The following changelog explains, I hope, why it's taken me awhile to get 
things finalised.

* Tue May 26 1998 Darren Nickerson <darren@info.tpc.int>

- removed .orig files from patch - they were 90 percent of it
  - removed oversimplified /dev/modem assumptions
  - faxcron was invoking xferstats, instead of new xferfaxstats - fixed
  - revised faxcron's manpage
  - HylaFAX was still writing etc/xferlog. Changed to etc/xferfaxlog as
        advertised by all supporting docs and scripts.
  - added hourly faxqclean and daily faxcron cron jobs, and xferlog rotation
  - hfaxd no longer hard-wired as running from inetd, faxsetup will handle this
  - no longer assumes /dev/modem and blindly inserts inittab entry
  - change naming scheme to differentiate rh4/rh5
  - move documentation back into main rpm, instead of sub-packages
  - added Robert Colquhoun's textfmt-mailer patch
  - increased margin on LHS, was too close and getting clipped
  - make faxsetup warn that modem class = modem pool, not Class1/2/2.0
  - use HylaFAX's init script, startup with new protocol only and no snpp
  - added -DFIXEDMEDIA to last command in ps2fax.gs, as posted
        by "Alan Sparks" <asparks@nss.harris.com>
  - added fixhtml patch, removed release from the doc dir, now just version
  - added Nico's skel patch, for class1/2/2.0 modem prototype files
  - added Robert Colquhoun's patch to hfaxd's tagline generation
  - fixes to build on 5.1, contributed by Richard Sharpe <sharpe@ns.aus.com>
  - faxrcvd now treated as a config file, preserved as .rpmsave
  - fixed ghostscript dependency to require fonts-std, not fonts.
  - remove requirement for mawk - use gawk instead.
  - faxsetup now detects is hfaxd is not driven from inetd, and starts it
        when restarting faxq using SysV init script (Robert Colquhoun)



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