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Re: USR modems (Courier)

> Sep 09 21:39:19.91: [  690]: <-- [7:AT+FDT\r]
> Sep 09 21:39:21.55: [  690]: --> [7:+FHS:27]
> Sep 09 21:39:21.55: [  690]: REMOTE HANGUP: Failure to train at 2400 bps
> or +FMINSP value (code 27)
> Sep 09 21:39:21.55: [  690]: --> [2:OK]
> I have looked in the faq and it tells me that  there is some problems with
> USR kit and fax 2.0, but it told me about other modems, as I am stuck with

I think the problem is only with the Sportster.  The Courier is much
more upmarket.  I could be wrong.

> this one I need to get an modem init that will make it run.

This is not the symptom of the problem (a protocol violation with gibberish
characters).  This, at face value, indicates a very poor quality phone
connection.  It would probably be useful to know what speed they 
negotiated, though.

(It has failed very fast, which suggests that there was no available fall
back speed.)

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