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Re: GetPeername: socket operation on non-socket

At 12:00 16/09/98 +0100, Olivier ROSET <oroset@cella.net> wrote:
>Hi, I try to use hylafax 4.0pl2 on a redhat 5.0, and when i try to
>launch hfaxd I have the following message in
>/var/adm/messages :
>getpeername : socket operation on non-socket
>And the hfaxd procees go down...
>What can I do ??


I suggest you look carefully at the way you invoke hfaxd (either by
inetd.conf or a boot-time script) and double check the parameters.
The hfaxd man page gives the valid options.

Good luck,
Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.        ~ Winter's on its way; what happened to Summer?

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