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Remote end fax errors


We're running HylaFax 4.0pl2 on a Redhat 5.1 (Intel) system installed from
the rpm put together by Ramana Juvadi <http://www.lekha.org/hylafax/>  The
modem is an Australian made Maestro Executive E336 which uses the Rockwell
RC288DPi chipset and supports Class 2 protocol as far as I've been able to
determine.  The config file for the modem is as per the rc288dpi file
supplied in the ./config directory.

The system works a treat however about one in every three faxes we receive
gets sent by the remote machine several times.  Further investigation (ie
contacting the sender) has suggested that their machine is reporting a
transmission error when in fact the document has been received fine at our
end.  Log files at our end don't indicate any errors (running ServerTracing
1 and SessionTracing 11) which seems odd (or we've not got enough debugging
turned on!)

I didn't want to clog the list with config files and so forth, being a
newcomer to the list I wasn't sure of the nettiqute for such things!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    Hugh Blemings  |  hugh@vsb.com.au  |  http://www.vsb.com.au
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