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Document page width problem...


(Running HylaFAX 4.0pl1 on Caldera OpenLinux w/2.0.25 kernel)

I have a situation where some faxes are not being transmitted because 
the receiving fax machine does not handle the width of the page being 
sent.   e.g.:

" Client does not support document page width, 
  max remote page width 1728 pixels, image width 1734 pixels "

Is there any way to override this error condition?   I'd like to tell 
HylaFAX to ignore this and send the fax anyways.

Also; the e-mail msg sent back to the originator does not define the 
error - only that it was tried the specified nbr of times and failed. 

It would be nice too to tell HylaFAX not to retry,  Is this 
possible?  It's pretty unlikely the recipient has changed fax 
machines between tries:-)

TIA for any assistance.

  Paul S. Russell, CMY Systems Sdn. Bhd., Shah Alam, Malaysia
  E-mail: paulr@cmysys.com  Web: http://www.cmysys.com/info/
  Phone: +60 (0)3 559 4616  Fax: +60 (0)3 550 4249  
  Visit Malaysian Motorsports at http://www.cmysys.com/mmsports/

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