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Re: WHFC shoots blanks!

Off subject, but what database can you run on linux that is not a full
blown RDBMS?  I would like to have all nodes use the same table.

Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
> Ted Sudtell wrote:
> >
> > Well, somehow I got this far.  I can receive faxes (to the printer),
> > this I think I can change myself.  I can send a fax from e-mail thanks
> > to some very good help.  Now, when I try to send from win98 with WHFC
> > ver 8.12, it dials and sends me a message that all was ok, but nothing
> > goes. I am starting to think there is nothing to really go.
> > Any ideas.
> >
> > Ted
> Hi,
> this is a problem of the Win98 printerdrivers. All my
> FAQ refers to Win95/NT. Users of Win 98 should currently
> experiment with the printerdrivers (and probably let me
> know if they found a good driver). I will currently not spend
> too much work on using it on a toy like Win98 (and Win 95 and
> NT on the same computer makes trouble enough, as third MS
> Operating system is too much for my nerves).
> Uli
> --
> Ulrich Eckhardt
> http://people.frankfurt.netsurf.de/uli

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