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US Robotics "56k voice faxmodem"

hylafax 4.0pl2 from red hat rpm package (hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5) with a US
Robotics 56k voice faxmodem, which i believe is a sportster by any other
name (and smells as bad).  the modem tells me "U.S. Robotics 56K Voice EXT
Rev. 11.1.17", and says the firmware date is 3/2/98.  it transmits most of
a page, and then smears off the bottom; it often fails to complete sending
and times out (unspecified phase D error).

i have searched the archives and found a lot of bad news about the USR
modem code in general, but none from recent months.  can anyone shed any
light on how i might beat this modem into submission, or should i just
throw it out the window and get a better one?

forcing it to class-1 doesn't seem to help, by the way.

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