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Re: TPC and Hylafax..

In message <361538D2.EB0C3C1B@interlink.com.ni>, Iris writes:
>Hi all, i got a question that i hope somebody can help me to resolve...

>When tpcmailer call to sendfax, this make the dialing to this number: +5052653
>107, look that +505 is my country code, i only need that sendfax dials to
>"2653107" that is my local fax number. I saw that tpcmailer is who give the
>number to sendfax to realize the call, My question is, what do i have do to
>my sendfax can dials to "2653107" my loca l fax number?  Must I to modify

Dear Iris,

This is a TPC.INT specific problem, and probably something you should not bother the entire list with. I have cc'd the flexfax list on this message so that they know your question has been handled ;-)

When tpcmailer.pl submits the job using 'sendfax', it uses the entire IDDD telephone number, complete with international prefix and everything. In order to get HylaFAX to strip the unnecessary digits before dialing the number, you need to change the dialrules file. I suspect you might even be able to use the dialrules.sf-ba file directly.

Change your server config file to read:

DialStringRules:        "etc/dialrules.sf-ba"

and then see how you make out.

Please let me know in private e-mail, as this is a tpc.int-specific setup issue.



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