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Re: USR Sportster (fwd)

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Robert Colquhoun wrote:

> Hi Iris,
> Try sending a fax from another fax machine to the modem.  If the fax is
> correctly received this will make sure faxgetty is communicating properly
> with the modem.

Hi again,
i'd receive a fax succesfully on my modem that is connected to tty00, i 
can read it ok, but i can't sending fax with him. The problem is that i 
execute sendfax -d 2653107 doc8.ps (i.e.), this doesn't queued my fax, it 
don't say some error, it only stay aparently executing.

The rare of this is that, if i execute the following sendfax -d, the 
command answer me that i need a phone number like destination, and this 
is right, after this, i rewrite the command as following sendfax -d 
2653107 (my local number fax) without file to send, this must tell an 
error or something like that as normally say, isn't? but, still executing 
without nothing to say, the same thing occurs if i rewrite the command as:
sendfax -n -d 2653107 doc8.ps.

I don't know what's happening...

Please, any ideas?

Thanks to all.

Iris Silva

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