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On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, David Woolley wrote:

> > This occurs if I try to fax a document with sendfax. Anyone any
> > clue??
> > 
> > Running FreeBSD 2.2.6. HylaFAX-v4.0pl2. gs5.50. tiff-v3.4beta037
> Are you sure about these version numbers.  tiff 3.4 has been out of beta
> for a good two years and, if the ghostscript version is good it is less
> than a month old and probably not well known to the hylafax community.
> The last time I looked, 5.10 was still the latest released version.

Ghostscript 5.50 has been released by Aladdin, and I'm using it (!).
The TIFF source code still has "beta" written all over its headers,
although it's been stable for quite some time.

> I believe though that all 5.x ghostscripts cause problems because of
> renaming of the font files to 8.3 format.

No, not on my system! Correct accessing of the "Fontmaps" file is an
issue: that is what ised by ghostscript to convert
"Courier-Bold-Oblique", etc., to the 8.3 filenames for the actual

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