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Corrupted image on faxes sent from Hylafax

RPM Version:	hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5
OS:		Redhat Linux 5.1
Kernel:		2.1.122
Modem:		Multitech MT2834ZPXb

Hi everybody,
   We are trying to get started with Hylafax and I was able to get the
Multitech modem to send a simple text fax with no problem.   We are
having corrupted output, however, when we try to send a Postscript fax --
in particular the  raster images below come out compressed
from letter sized to about 1.5 vertical inches.  The cover page shows
the first inch of "Silicon Graphics" and then the remainder appears
   I've run these same Postscript images through ps2fax and viewed
the image with Imagemagick, and the resulting images look fine.
   I've also tried several different fax machines on the recipient side.

   Any suggestions what I might try next, or why the Postscript isn't
being send properly?

   Thanks in advance!  --Tim Fredrick (fredrick@acd.ucar.edu)
                         NCAR/ACD Computer Systems Administration

PS - Here is our test script 

#! /bin/ksh
#Send a test fax to 3rd floor Fax machine
cat /usr/local/src/gs/gs5.10/tiger.ps | sendfax -d fredrick@9,5555555555 -c comments123 -R -f "Tim Fredrick" -r "regarding 456" -v

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