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How to set up 1 hylafax server to handle multiple modems?

Hi Folks,

I have set up the Hylafax on my server and it's running fine, with system
configuration as follows:

Hylafax installed on : Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.6
Hylafax version 4.0pl1
Modem: US Robotics Sportster 28800 fax modem with v.34 and v.32 bis

Everything is working great.  The management wants to add a couple more
modems connected to a terminal server (DigiPortServer) and served by the
existing single hylafax server.  The modem will be running on a different
lan, yet still network reachable to the hylafax server.  I have a couple
questions.   Please excuse me if the message is long.

1. How can I configure the existing hylafax server to serve different
modems with both inbound and outbound calls?  I need to set it up such that
users on networkA can use WHFC to send fax out/receive fax in through the
faxmodem on networkA, yet served by my hylafax server.  I read through the
man pages and I believe I can run "hfaxd -i port1 -i port2 -i hylafax -o
port1 -i port2 -s 444" to enable it to listen to more than 1 port.  As
such, I can configure WHFC on networkA to connect to a port1/port2,
depending on the configuration.  Am I right?

If I start hfaxd to listen on more than 1 port, what should be typed in
after the "-s" option in hfaxd?

2. After hylafax accepts fax originated from different network, what
configuration do I need to ask hylafax to send it out through the
appropriate faxmodem?  e.g. fax received from networkA has to be sent out
through fax modem connected to networkA.

3. Sendfax can be forced to send out through different modems i.e. sendfax
-h modem@host.  What is modem device name?  Is it something like cua_a?

4. On the receiving side, once hylafax receives faxes through different fax
modem sources, can I modify faxrcvd script to notify the appropriate fax
master depending on the device ID passed to faxrcvd?  Is the deviceID used
in faxrcvd same as the modem_device_name i.e. cua_a?

I'm sorry to post so many questions at one time.   However, I'm in
desperate need to sort out those problems before I can make the decision if
the setup for having 1 hylafax server serving multiple in/out fax modems
work or not.

Thank you all for your kind attention and patience!


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