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Re: Question for Line E1

> Mr.:

Please be clear that there is no formal sales/support organisation for this
free software.

>     	I request you if this software is feasible to make it work with it
> unites it E1(60 channels of voice).  
E1 is 30 channels (2,048,000 bps, including 1 alarm and synchronisation
and one signalling channel in addition to the speech channels).

With suitable hardware and device drivers such that the hylafax software
sees 60 (virtual?) serial ports behaving as though they were each connected
to a fax modem, with no significant extra delay between the software actions
and the effect on the hardware and v.v., and with enough processing power
on the central machine to cope with that load, it would be possible.

Basically, the bulk of your problem is finding suitable hardware; my guess
is that a complete solution might be cheaper.

The trivial solution is to use terminating equipment to take the line down
to 60 standard analogue phone lines and then use 60 physical modems.

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