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Re: Slackware Biuld Problems

Slackware 3.5 includes the egcs version of gcc. To build hylafax with this
compiler, first apply a gcc 2.8 patch for hylafax pl2; several versions
have been referred to in this list. I used one I found at Nico
Kadel-Garcia's web site. I had to edit it slightly, because the patch is
designed as a self-executing shell script which didn't work with my
Slackware 3.5 config, although I'm sure it does for the red hatters ;)
Just delete the top few lines, from #!/bin/sh down to patch <...
inclusive. Then run patch <gcc2.8patchname from the parent of the
hylafaxv4.0pl2 source directory, followed by .configure etc. Worked for
Mark Wilson

On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Noel Henson wrote:

> Hi!
> Does any one have an experience with HylaFAX build problems on Slackware
> 3.5?
> Here's the scoop...
> libfaxutil.a isn't compiling.
> larry:~/apps/hylafax/hylafax-v4.0pl2/util$ make libfaxutil.a
> /usr/bin/gcc      -I.././zlib                     -D__ANSI_CPP__ -I.
> -I.. -I.././util -I.././util -I/usr/local/include -I.././regex -g -O -x
> c++ -c SendFaxJob.c++
> SendFaxJob.c++: In method `unsigned char SendFaxJob::createJob(class
> SendFaxClient &, class fxStr &)':
> SendFaxJob.c++:499: no matching function for call to
> `SendFaxClient::sendZData (int &, unsigned char (FaxClient::)(fxStr &,
> fxStr &), fxStr &, fxStr &)'
> FaxClient.h:273: candidates are: FaxClient::sendZData(int, unsigned char
> (FaxClient::*)(fxStr &, fxStr &), fxStr &, fxStr &)
> make: *** [SendFaxJob.o] Error 1
> This seems simle enough except that SendFaxClient.c++ won't compile
> without libfaxutil.a.
> Any clues?
> Noel
> Noel Henson
> noel@cowboyz.com
> http://www.cowboyz.com

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