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Re: Hylafax only sending a few lines of my faxes.Please Help

At 22:45 13/10/98 +0100, you wrote:
>> Every fax that I send , I can't not get more than a few lines on the
>> receiving fax machine ??.
>Given that you haven't provided a detailed trace log, the best that
>I can guess is that you have underrun the modem by using too slow a 
>machine or configuring the serial port too slow, or have overrun it
>by not configuring flow control properly.
>Details of hardware, including modem, and software would also be
Well, the trace log was part of my original email...but anyway you are on
the right track, the problem was the flow control I changed it from rtscts
to xonxoff. Everything is working wonderful now..Thanks for your replay.


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