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socket read errors

Hi ,

I am in trouble any ideas will be more than welcome .
Here is my trouble 

Creating new configuration file /opt/tms/tms-fax-s/hylafax/spool/fax/etc/config.ttyb...
...nothing appears to have changed; leaving the original file.
Done setting up the modem configuration.
Checking /opt/tms/tms-fax-s/hylafax/spool/fax/etc/config for consistency...
...everything looks ok; leaving existing file unchanged.
Don't forget to restart faxq with "-m ttyb" or configure init
to run faxgetty on ttyb (if faxq is already running).
FIFO: open: No such file or directory
Starting faxgetty .....
Enter the device that modem is connected to [eg. ttyb]:ttyb
Starting Faxq daemon
Checking Status ....
Socket read error: Connection reset by peer

If you have any suggestions please mail me directly 


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