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Re: Incoming only receiving 2 - 3" on page

David Woolley wrote:
> >
> > Why am I only receiving 2-3" of incomming pages... and receipt
> > takes a VERY long time?
> Much much much too little information.  We need detailed trace logs,
> hardware and software configurations, including modems, any manual
> changes to configuration files etc.  If the log doesn't include the
> commands to the modem and a line for each block of fax data, it is
> not detailed enough.

Not sure how to give you a line by line "trace log" yet, but here is
some further information...

I have RedHat 5.1 running on a P100 with 64Mb RAM. My modem is a
NetExpress 56 (Rockwelchipset)
I tried to load the RPMs from the LSL Cdrom (Contrib Part 2) section and
had PROBLEMS like core dumps.
The Linux Users Victoria (LUV) in Australia suggested a pl2 release
which I found and downloaded from ftp.tpc.int

These ghostscript and hylafax downloads installed and ran up correctly.

I have been able to send faxes out and tried to receive. This is where I
found that I was receiving only part of a page.

The first obsticle I hit was that I couldn't log in as ADMIN because I
don't know a password... or how to set one...?

I can add keith to etc/hosts and WHFC client is basically working...
(doesn't seem to have a "remove from queue" function)

Thankyou for responding, David, I am not entirely new to Linux, but I
don't have a full understanding of Hylafax (yet) The product looks quite
powerful and I suppose it takes a bit to get to know.

I lost a couple of faxes on Friday (too high an error rate) 80-85%
instead of 95%.


Is there a way of sharing a fax like a printer for Windows clients...
eg. mail merge from MS-word?


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