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Compiliation Problems


    I have looked through what trouble shooting docs I could find,
however I have not been able to fix my problem.  I am not good with
C++.  (I am alright with C, just... suck at ++).  In any event, here is
my details:

   Linux (using kernel version 2.1.125, development release)
   Redhat v5.1
   Glibc v2.0.7 (rpm release 13) (libc release 6)
   HylaFax 4.0pl2
   gcc 2.8.1

"SendFaxJob.c++: In method `unsigned char SendFaxJob::createJob(class
SendFaxClient &, class fxStr &)':
SendFaxJob.c++:499: no matching function for call to
`SendFaxClient::sendZData (int &, unsigned char (FaxClient::)(fxStr &,
fxStr &), fxStr &, fxStr &)'
FaxClient.h:273: candidates are: FaxClient::sendZData(int, unsigned char
(FaxClient::*)(fxStr &, fxStr &), fxStr &, fxStr &)"

This if course stops the build of libfaxutil.a, and there goes
everything else.   I am not certain of what to do, but any help would be
apprectiated.  Later this month I am going to put together an older
Linux box that will run libc5, and maybe that will work.

I am not subscribed to the list, so please "CC" things to me


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