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Re: Error: /undefined in 8,27


About 60 lines into the file that you are sending, the "PageWidth"
and "PageHeight" parameters are defined as follows:

  /PageWidth 8,27 def
  /PageHeight 11,69 def

These are invalid PostScript definition statements.  It's been a
while since I looked at it, but these statements may be coming from
the file in HylaFAX that defines page sizex.  PostScript uses a
72 point per inch coordinate system, so you probably want a
"PageWidth" of 827 (827/72 = 11.48 inches) and a "PageHeight" of
either 792 (792/72 = 11 inches) or 1008 (1008/72 = 14 inches.
The possibility also exists that these parameters are being
specified in inches, so, in that case, simply change the commas
to periods.

If you can find where these are originally defined and change them
accordingly, your document should be able to be converted by

Good luch,

Chen Coulter

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