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Re: Waiting for modem to come ready ?

Steven Pham wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using flexfax version 4.02 on Solaris 2.6 with USR Sporter modem
> connected to /dev/ttya. I can send fax out OK but when checking the
> fax status with "faxstat", hylafax keep saying:
> Hylafax scheduler on solaris01: Running
> Modem ttya (+1.999.555.1212): Waiting for modem to come ready
> ---
> Is it normal ? should I worry about it ?

Its normal if you don't have faxgetty listening on that serial port.

> I expect to see something like:
> "Modem ttya (+1.999.555.1212): Runing and idle"

faxgetty is responsible for the "running and idle" message, so if you
don't have faxgetty running, faxstat doesn't get status information
about the modem (because faxgetty is delivering that).

> According to some of the documentation that I have read.
> I have tried different setting combination using "admintool"
> for setting up the serial port.
> I only send out fax, not receiving nor any getty on that port.
see above

> Any help is much appreciate.
> Thanks,
> Steven

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