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Q: Empty TSI

Has anyone come up with a regexp for QualifyTSI that would permit empty

Oct 28 11:07:25.31: [  240]: REJECT TSI ""

These are the log entries that I get when HylaFAX refuses to accept them.
While I imagine that the majority of these faxes are junk ads, I'd like to
play it safe and accept them. If they turn out to be ads, I'll refuse them
based on their CID.

Presently, my etc/tsi file contains the generic catch-all "^.*$" which does
not seem to permit empty TSIs. Others which didn't work for me were, "^$",
"^[ .]*$", et al.

I've checked the FAQ to no avail and the mailing list search feature on
vix.com appears to be down.

Any tips in regards to this issue would be highly appreciated.


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