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Re: Working version of Hylafax ???

I have hylafax v4.0pl2 running under linux 2.0.27 on an Pentium.  I am
using a MultiTech MT1932ZDX modem.  The hylafax server runs on a
networked host and most of the jobs are forwarded to it from other

I also use the paging capabilities both interactively as well as from
scripts running under BigBrother, my network monitoring software.

I run the sendmail fax gateway with it as well.

I have the inbound faxes routed to a Win 95 Outlook client.  They arrive
and are viewable in the client.  I would love to have DID working.

The program works remarkably well.  Principal issues relate to a low
percentage of errors in communicating to the large variety of equipment
out there.

Key issues are having the right libraries and compiler, a working version
of ghostscript, a compatible modem, and patience.  I installed it and
eventually got the faxgetty working properly.  After that I essentially
got the fax to go one step at a time.  At each step I investigated the
errors and worked on that specifc issue.  All of the tools have some great
debugging info and most can be initiated interactively.

I would be happy to answer any specific questions but sending my source or
config files may not be a lot of help.  If you are attacking a specific
problem and can not find help in the archives, please post.  It can be a
real job to get it working -- I know it well.  

I also use the WHFC client from Windows clients and am pleased with it.  

Andy McNiece, Parr Lumber Co.                              andym@parr.com
5630 Five Oaks Drive                                       Phone 503-614-2525
Hillsboro, Oregon USA 97124             	           Fax   503-629-8635

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Werner M. Mayer wrote:

> Hi there, Hylafax experts!
> After only seeing problems over problems that Hylafax DOESN'T work, I'd
> like 
> to know if someone on this list can tell me if there is an up and
> running 
> version of Hylafax, with the following preferred configuration:
> - Pentium (or other x86-based processor)
> - Linux Redhat 5.0+
> - german or english language
> - any type of standard faxmodem class 1, 2 or 2.0
> - A4-size page (but any page size will do)
> - sending, receiving, viewing and printing fax does work
> - Networked version is preferred, but not a must
> What I need:
> - detailed configuration hints for a beginner (Hylafax-FAQ is available)
>   if there is something outstanding special to take notice of
> - detailed configuration of Hylafax, if not mentioned in the FAQ or
> - detailed configuration of the x86-based Server/Client (IP-Adressing,
> config 
>   file names and contents, locations of relevant files, etc.)
> - hylafax source code as *.tgz, if not original distribution, and any
> other  
>   neccessary source or script code
> - what ever else I forgot to mention
> In the meantime, if I don't get a usable answer by end of next week,
> I'll try to configure EFAX to suite my needs, because I'll soon run out
> of paper on my paper fax machine :(
> Bye, Werner.
> Werner M. Mayer
> P.O. Box 2766, D-91015 Erlangen, Germany
> Tel:+49-9131-440308  Fax: +49-9131-440309
> -- 
> shortcut: http://i.am/wmm + http://i.am/ms-kontakt

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