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Re: New Multitech modem-blank faxes

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Michael S. Weiner (Doc) wrote:

> I had previously submitted this question with the subject,
> "Perfect Blank Faxes", but received no
> responses from this otherwise quite active group.
> (That suggests the problem may be more "interesting" than
> my first assumption that I had just overlooked something obvious.)
> Because I now have additional information much better delimiting
> the area of the problem, I'm submitting a new inquiry.
> Having read in this group of the problems of USRobotics
> Sportster modems and after reading Sam Leffler's Modem Cookbook
> at the Hylafax site, I installed a new multitech modem, MT5634ZBA,
> a model recommended for this application by the Multitech Sales rep.
> The modem appears to work fine, receives faxes without 
> any error indications (even in the .../spool/log c000.... files --
> detail of which was included in my previous posting --
> BUT all the received fax pages (from a variety of fax machines
> in various locations) are BLANK.
> (Well, actually faintly streaked as one would get trying to
> copy a blank page on a copier with adjusted toward "darker".)
> When I disconnect the multitech and reconnect the USRobtics
> and swap the USRobtics modem config file for the multitech version of
> .../spool/etc/config.tty1A, I can again receive faxes
> (tho with some of the previous intermittent problems of the USRobotics modem)
> which contain their appropriate information.
> Thus I conclude that this is either a hardware/firmware
> problem with this new multitech modem (MT5634ZBA) or with the

Didn't multitech drop support for class 2 on the 56K modems?
Try using class1

> config.tty1a file that was generated for it by faxaddmodem.
> I have not received much help on this from multitech support,
> but am still trying (and report any interesting results here).
> A copy of the config file for the multitech is attached below.
> #
> ModemType:		Class2		# use class 2 interface

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