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Re: Compilation Trouble

At 17:44 22/12/98 -0800, "Steven R. Robertson" wrote:
>I'm having a series of error messages when compiling HylaFAX-v4.0p12.
>This is for a linux 2.0.36, i586 system.
>The error starts as follows:
>make[3]: Entering directory `/home/morgoth/hylafax-v4.0pl2/util'
>I'm not very experienced in programming. I'd appreciate if anyone can
>tell me how to past this.


This is the new Slackware release 3.5? There has been quite a few
messages on the hylafax mailing list about this - hylafax needs the
gcc-2.8 patch to be applied for systems with the gcc-2.8 or egcs
compilers; you can fetch the patch from 

If you have a RedHat 5.x system, however, there is a rpm binary
package which will save a *lot* of hard work at :

Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.

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