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is there a faxdelmodem proceedure?

I have a HylaFAX server setup with faxgetting running from the inittab
against four modem. We had to temporarily remove two modems so I turned
off the faxgetty that was running against those two devices but when
I run faxstat it still shows the modems as running & idle. If I send
a fax out it does get sent out via the two remaining modems but I am
wondering about the spurious output from faxstat. Should I also
move/remove the FIFO.cul* and config.cul* files for the two modems
thus neccesitating running faxaddmodem when I put the hardware back
on the system or is there a better method to temporarily turn off
an available modem?
Steve DuChene              sad@ale.org

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