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FW: Year 2000 Status Of Hylafax

Ken, could you possibly post the details of your Y2K testing? What dates did
you use? What functions did you excercise?

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Given that Hylafax is freeware, I highly doubt that SGI will release an
official statement with Y2K compliance and hylafax.

However, with hylafax itself, it'll run just fine no matter what the date.
I put it through Y2K testing myself a few months ago, and, it ran with
flying colors.  (version 4.0pl2)

The main issue that remains is dealing with the xferlog file.  If you are
parsing out the data and using it elsewhere, there may be a problem there,
in that the year is just two digits.  If not, there is no problem that i
could detect.


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Subject: flexfax: Year 2000 Status Of Hylafax

Can someone point me to a Year 2000 statement for Hylafax.  We are looking
at rolling Hylafax out at our organisation and are keen to get the Y2K info.

Thanks in advance,

Julian Stopps.

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