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Re: Problem with fax receiving

> I'm trying to set up fax receiving using a _VERY_ good Class2 modem. It works

What is the modem, so that we can independently evaluate this claim.

>  just fine with mgetty, but all my efforts to set it up with faxgetty fails.
> I've tried every combination of speed and flow control I could invent (19200,
> 38400 and 57600, with soft, hard and no flow for 19200, soft and hard for
> 38400) but always gets Missing EOL in 5 seconds.

There is no real point in exceeding 19200.

> For some unknown reason, cu fails to work with modem _TOGETHER_ with faxgetty. 
> Together with mgetty it works just fine.

That suggests one is trying to use cua? and the other ttyS?

> What should I test? What should I look at? Please help.

Please post a detailed session log.

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